Quit Faking It!!

 War of the Worlds

In 1938, many of you may know that Orson Welles’ radio play caused a panic. “War of the Worlds” was broadcast as a series of fictitious reports that Martians were coming to the earth and landing in New Jersey. Any listener that missed the introduction stating that the play was fake, was likely listening to the story completely engulfed in fear that aliens were really attacking the earth. It had been reported that many people jumped in their cars to flee the New Jersey area, only to learn that the reports were just a part of Welles’ story.
It’s funny how a fake display can confuse so many people. I wonder how many of us would fall for something similar.
Maybe you have…
As it turns out, 5,000 homes were phoned by the C.E. Hooper ratings service to find out what people were listening to. This is how ratings for radio were figured, and modern TV ratings aren’t a whole lot different. In any case, data from 1938 suggests that not very many people were listening to “War of the Worlds,” and those who were knew exactly what they were listening to. More popular national and local programming reduced the number of listeners to under 2% of the population, and virtually every responder said they were listening to Orson Welles or a radio play, none said they were listening to a newscast.
I guess “War of the Worlds” hardly caused the panic people say it did, but how did we come to believe that it was such chaos? Apparently, a few people did believe that Martians were attacking, but their reports were exaggerated because of the newspapers. According to Jefferson Pooley and Michael J. Socolow, newspapers were trying to show advertisers that radio stations were irresponsible and reckless in their broadcasting, and that they shouldn’t be trusted. This way, more advertisers would want to advertise in their newspapers.
Looks the the duping was a dupe.
Sometimes, people argue that Jesus just duped people too. Many people say that Jesus was a good man, a great teacher and a good leader, but not the Son of God. Some say that His miracles, including the resurrection, were all faked, However, this simply can’t be the case.
In John 14:6, Jesus says, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” How can this come from someone who was a good man and teacher? He’s either flat out lying, He’s crazy, or He’s actually who He says He is. There are really no other alternatives! If you believe that Jesus somehow survived the crucifixion, faked His burial, and got all of His followers to put on a big show before being martyred, then you have been duped! Hopefully you’re not taken away when the Martians show up tomorrow…


1) Have you every heard of Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds?” Is it hard to believe people would fall for this?
2) How scared would you be if you saw Martians landing on earth?
3) How you ever been tricked into believing something that wasn’t true? How did you find out it was fake?
4) What kinds of crazy conspiracy theories are you aware of?
5) Do you think Jesus could have faked His own death? Why or why not?
6) What kinds of repercussions in the Bible show us that no one would have wanted to lie about Jesus?
7) What lies does the devil tell us about God?
8) What lies does the devil tell us about ourselves?
9) What reasons do you have to believe Jesus was the Son of God?
10) Do you have any friends that don’t believe in God? How should we act towards them?
11) Is there anything you would like to pray for?